Met Police launches cyber crime prevention videos

The Metropolitan Police have launched a cyber crime prevention video campaign with five clips to inform web users how to avoid becoming a victim of crime by adjusting their current online behaviours.

By Friday 30th June, all 5 videos will be posted to our account and available to view through the below links.

  1. Passwords -Create a password that’s too hard for criminals to crack by choosing three random words, numbers and symbols.
  2. Computer Updates – Updates are vital in protecting your device from ransomware and other malicious software.
  3. Phishing – Never call numbers or follow links from suspicious emails/texts; find the official website or number using a search engine. 
  4. Wi-Fi Safety – Cybercriminals can intercept personal information being shared online when you use public Wi-Fi.
  5. Online ID – Never accept a friend request from someone you don’t know and avoid posting very personal info online.
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Pembe Fehim

Pembe Fehim

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