How should law firms approach Marketing Integration?

Law firms should pay close attention to ensuring that their IT systems are fully integrated across all areas of the business.  Digital marketing and the increasing use of social media has transformed the business landscape and created an immense amount of customer touch points which should be continuously monitored and successfully harvested.  It is paramount that organisations have a solid, workable IT infrastructure that supports the objectives of the organisation, including sustainable marketing integration.

Here are just a few of the many points to consider when aligning IT systems with the marketing and digital functions of the business;


To start, it is good practice to audit your entire IT system and create a road map of your business processes.

An audit provides a summary outlining the ability of the existing technology to support the business and identifies weaknesses alongside any immediate concerns.


Create a long-term IT Plan that includes all aspects of marketing and the digital strategy and align this with your business priorities.  Ensure business leaders from the organisation are engaged in this process from the start.

If it’s relevant to your business to adopt an ‘Always-on’ approach, ensure that this is in the plan for an integrated IT system with 24/7 support.

Review your roadmap regularly and, at least, annually.

Engage from anywhere

Enable your workforce to work from anywhere, on any device, securely.

Utilise cloud based CRM systems that can be accessed and updated instantly, and create a system that links staff, customers, partners and prospects, providing opportunities for increased collaboration and engagement at every stage.

Consider a private legal cloud.  This enables you to know where your data is, that it is secure, private and available.

With a secure, well planned and highly available system that combines staff, customers, partners and prospects, your integrated marketing function will be best placed to succeed.

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Pembe Fehim

Pembe Fehim

Pembe joined Sprout in January 2015 where she started her position as the Business Administrator and has since worked her way up to Business Coordinator. Pembe also deals with HR Admin and provides support to both the CEO and Managing Director.