Who needs marketing anyway?

By Catherine Bailey, Managing Director, Bar Marketing Ltd

A marketing-orientated philosophy is essential for any organisation eager for success. Generally speaking, the legal sector is steeped in tradition and hasn’t been amongst the first to adopt a marketing focus.

However, the Legal Services Act 2007 changed all that. Suddenly the old partnership model was up against a new type of legal practice – alternative business structures – ran by profit-driven business people. These owner-manager entrepreneurs recognise the pivotal role of marketing in the battle for market share. They’ve got their well-devised marketing strategies and they’re not afraid to use them. Fail to put up a good fight in return and run the risk of losing your valued clients.

Of course, some would argue that a shift towards a marketing-focused stance would and should have happened anyway. After all, the new generation of partners wants to maximise their firm’s profits – and, therefore, their drawings – just like any other industry’s senior leadership teams.

Whether the shift was consequential or inevitable is irrelevant. What matters is how legal service providers respond and adapt in order to compete with the best. This concept applies equally to law firms and barristers’ chambers. The competition’s toughening up in both of these marketplaces.

Our publication, ‘A practical guide to marketing for lawyers’ is a practical how-to guide giving step-by-step instructions on how to tackle the various components that together make up your marketing plan. You’ll find everything from communication and events to social media and strategy formulation and more besides.

You can download a free chapter here.

Bar Marketing offers a range of effective marketing services to chambers and individual barristers.

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Pembe Fehim

Pembe Fehim

Pembe joined Sprout in January 2015 where she started her position as the Business Administrator and has since worked her way up to Business Coordinator. Pembe also deals with HR Admin and provides support to both the CEO and Managing Director.