How to fix the flaw in macOS High Sierra that leaves your Mac vulnerable

Attention, Mac users! There is a serious security glitch in the latest macOS by Apple that allows strangers to access your computer’s data and security settings without requiring a password.

The Issue 

According to the public post by Turkish software developer Lemi Orhan Ergin, the flaw lets anyone using a Mac running macOS 10.13 High Sierra get authenticated into a “System Administrator” account, giving them access to all sorts of private files and even to change passwords. The issue is even more serious than other system flaws as it can be exploited by literally anyone, not just hackers and software developers. An Apple spokesperson since has confirmed the critical flaw and said Apple was working on a fix.

How to fix it 

In the meantime, there are things you can do and as this is a critical security flaw you shouldn’t ignore and if you’re a Mac owner and user, you should start working on the fix immediately.

To protect your computer, you’ll need to create a root password. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Options > Join (next to Network Account Server) > Open Directory Utility > Edit.

Then select “Change Root Password…” and choose a strong password, something with many letters and characters that can’t be guessed.

This method fixes the vulnerability.


This issue has now been fixed by Apple.

The issue was originally published on The Daily Dot.

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