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better, every day



Our People


Every Sprout is a vital member of a winning teamOur Values. drive our common purpose; to serve our customers. 


We’ve created an environment that welcomes and nurtures talent from a plethora of religions, races and nationalities and we love the diversity that this brings to the Sprout family.



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our local community


We aim to make a positive difference to our local work communities, participating in a range of fundraising events and projects including the London Legal Walk, Great Legal Bake and Great City Race each year. 


We’re a lively bunch; someone is usually running a marathon, swimming the Channel, climbing a mountain or jumping out of a plane, whilst raising money for charity.


Follow our company blog to get first hand information of the events we support and get involved with. 

Sprout Blog




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Our supported charity


Each year we undertake to support a main charity, which becomes the focus for our fundraising and sponsorship activities. 


This year we have been supporting two charities, SADS UK and Center Point by participating in the 3 Peaks Challenge. Our team climbed 3 British Mountains for charity and we could not be happier to announce that we absolutely exceeded our targets. 


With the help of our supporters, we managed to donate £525 to CentrePoint, a charity we'd chosen in remembrance of our former colleague, Max. 


We also supported SADS UK, in remembrance of our former colleague, Phil Sheaff. We managed to raise £525 to support this charity - thank you for all your donations!






Our environment 


We care for the environment and always have one eye on minimising our impact; we operate a paper-lite business and run virtual desktops.


Did you know, a thin client computer uses 1/50th of the energy, compared to its old fashioned cousin?


Up in the Cloud, SproutCloud cooling is supplied by indirect fresh air evaporative cooling - the first of its kind in London. 


All our data centres are designed to BREEAM 'Excellent' standards.





Our Core Values

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    Our colleagues are at the heart of everything we do; our biggest asset. And our clients enjoy the results of a happy team. We provide long term opportunity that meets career goals, in the provision of services that help our clients to achieve theirs.

  • Sprout Values - Relentless Ambition-1.png


    We aim to be better tomorrow, than we were today; to improve every day, in our pursuit of excellence. We commit to learn from our clients, from each other and from our own mistakes.


  • Sprout Values - Shared Responsibility-1.png


    Our conscientious and helpful outlook, to each other and to our clients, allows us to deliver quality products with outstanding customer service and clear communication.