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We have been promoting data security and utilising the best cyber security technology and techniques, since we began. 

This is not a new concept for Sprout. Cyber security is in our DNA and is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in building and testing the most suitable technology products and solutions for each of our clients.

Building your cyber and reputational resilience, is critical in Legal IT. 



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Sprout CyberAware is a learning program which helps to fill critical knowledge and skills gaps across all staff, enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time, to better protect their organisations’ most valuable and sensitive information and systems.


Sprout CyberAware is a learning program which helps to fill critical knowledge and skills gaps across all staff, enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time, to better protect their organisations’ most valuable and sensitive information and systems.

How we can help

  • Cyber security starts with you - educating your staff should be number one priority. Our CyberAware training can provide you the peace of mind when it comes to keeping your data secure. 
  • Remembering and using effective passwords can be easily achieved with our multi-factor authentication, improving enterprise security that keeps your corporate network and applications safe and secure. 
  • Our Firewall-as-a-Service is a powerful, fully monitored and managed, single service solution that protects your network 24/7, 365 days a year. 
Disaster Recovery
  • Cyber resilience is at the heart of GDPR – no one wants to breach personal data. With our DPO as a service, you can ensure you stay ahead of the game and on top of your responsibilities.
  • The Cyber Essentials scheme provides five security controls that, according to the UK government, could prevent “around 80% of cyber-attacks”. Achieving certification will also help you to address other compliance requirements such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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Our Services

From Document Management Solutions and Fees/Diary software, to email archive, compliance, encryption and security, Sprout IT can plan, implement and support your entire infrastructure


    SproutCloud is the very best in Private Cloud technology, tailored for the legal market. Dedicated to the UK legal sector, SproutCloud provides managed IT services delivered with a specific focus on security and compliance - all from a trusted market leader. 

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    CyberAware by CybSafe is an intelligent approach to cyber resilience training that puts data at your fingertips and helps you measure, understand and reduce human cyber risk whilst improving cyber security awareness, behaviour and culture within your organisation.

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  • DPO

    The regulation allows organisations to oustource Data Protection Officer role to an external provider. Many Chambers may find that the DPO responsibilities are a challenge to deliver, given the amount of knowledge required on various aspects of GDPR.

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  • Sharefile-1.png

    citrix sharefile

    Point. Click. Share. ShareFile meets your specific needs for data sovereignity, compliance, performance & cost. Send files of any size right from your inbox to clients, co-counsel and others and receive instant notifications the moment they are downloaded. Take control over your file-sharing habits - share and collaborate in a secure way.

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    Cyber Essentials

    Developed as part of the UK Government's National Cyber Security Strategy, the Cyber Essentials scheme identifies technical security controls to help defend against internet-borne threats. The Certification helps to protect organisations against up to 80% of cyber attacks by applying basic levels of cyber hygiene. 

  • Sprout Icons -MFA.png


    Sprout IT uses a leading technology in adaptive multi-factor authentication, improving enterprise security and productivity by delivering an easy to use and intelligent solution that helps ensure the safety of corporate networks and applications.

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  • Sprout Icons - Firewall as a service.png


    A powerful, fully monitored and managed, single service solution that protects your network, 24/7, 365 days a year. Tailored by highly qualified firewall security experts, powered by Dell SonicWALL and delivered with Sprout’s famous commitment to service delivery.

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  • ONdmarc

    With email being the primary way most organisations communicate it’s vital to protect against the fundamental flaw in email that leaves you and your customers open to attack.  OnDMARC will help you each step of the way so you can confidently and efficiently secure your domains. 

  • Service - Email Security.png

    Email Security

    Eliminate spam from your mailbox, alongside 100% Guaranteed Virus Detection and Up-Time. Sprout's Email Security can help you to win the battle against constantly evolving malware and email-borne security threats. Secure your email data, archive and enable business continuity. 

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    sprout academy

    Sprout Academy is a video-based training platform that enables you to learn what you would need to learn, when you need it in just 3 minutes. It is simply the coolest, quickest smartest way for your customers to learn new skills and make their lives easier without you having to do very much because it has been done all for you.          

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  • 24.7 Service Desk.png

    24/7 Service Desk

    Sprout IT's Service Desk operates inside and outside of business hours. We understand that IT issues do not arise exclusively between 9am and 5.30pm and we are here to support your business in the early mornings, evenings and weekends, 365 days a year. Our New Zealand office helps us to cover you 24/7, 365 days, whenever you need us. 

  • Sprout Icons Disaster Recovery.png

     Disaster REcovery

    A workplace disaster can take many forms - Sprout IT's Disaster-Recovery-as-aService (DRaaS) helps you safeguard your business effectively. Have you created a document at 9am and deleted it at 9.30am? With our backups we can always restore your valuable document and data in under a minute. Best of breed backup solution with full disaster recovery service.

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  • SproutWatch.png


    Let us monitor your servers and infrastructure all day, every day. Our service provides 24/7 Round-the-Clock monitoring instant alerts to the right technician with accurate information so we can fix the issue fast. The system checks your critical systems every fifteen minutes and sends us a message so we can help right away. 

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  • Legal Icons.png

    legal applications

    We have been working with major legal software vendors since the company was formed. We keep a close eye on the latest legal technology and solutions so we can help you with document management, diary, case and fee management, time recording, CRM applications and their delivery. We understand the importance of the daily use of these services.

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  • Sprout Icons -Systems Audit.png

    systems audit

    Sprout Audit can help you uncover IT improvements, understand risk and improve efficiency. Our full Systems Audit is a detailed investigation looking at security, servers, patch levels, hardware, software, LAN/WAN/WiFi, email, firewalls, password policy, backups, phones and anti-virus. 


What Our Clients Say

  • “Since working with Sprout IT and utilising their 24x7 follow the sun IT support model, I was able to take a holiday for the first time in years knowing that I didn’t need to check my emails or answer my mobile phone to assist my staff and members with IT issues” 

     IT Manager, Barristers' Chambers pecialising in commercial litigation, arbitration, public law and public international law

  • "Since Sprout came on board we have had a more coherent and strategic approach to our IT needs. Being able to ask Sprout to liaise with third party IT providers has been invaluable, as it stops the third parties from being able to baffle us with science – Sprout can hold their feet to the fire if they are trying to fob us off."

    Solicitor, Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer,  Law Firm, Top London divorce lawyers

  • “From the professional design and smooth installation of a brand new IT infrastructure to its further development and maintenance, Sprout IT have always provided an excellent service and we have total confidence in their ability to support us in a practical, innovative and no-nonsense way. Quite simply Sprout IT have never let us down.”

    Chambers Director, Barristers' Chambers, one of the leading sets in the UK, particularly in the fields of civil and public law.

  • “As a small firm we appreciate the calm, knowledgeable and hands on approach of the Sprout IT staff enabling us to concentrate on delivering a high quality service to our clients. Sprout have assisted us with a major overhaul of our IT network after a seamless handover from our previous IT firm.” 

    Director of Finance and Management, Commercial litigation law firm

  • “We contracted an independent IT Specialist to oversee the tender process; he was confident that SproutIT is way ahead of the competition.”

    COO, Barristers' Chambers with offices in London, Geneva and Brussels

  • “Project work is a particular strength for Sprout IT. Throughout the planning and implementation stages you have access to senior technicians who are able to adapt to most situations with speed and expertise.” 

    Deputy Senior Clerk and Head of Business Operations,  Leading barristers' chambers with expertise in commercial, construction, energy, professional negligence, shipping, information technology and more

  • “I stopped worrying about our IT when we started working with Sprout. We’ve been with them for several years now and I still have complete confidence in them.” 

    Director, Barristers' Chambers, 

  • “I have worked with Sprout IT for 10 years. I highly recommend them as one of the most knowledgeable IT specialists in the market, they consistently provide an outstanding service, delivering projects on time.” 

    EUA Business Administrator , Trusted referral network of midsized, independent law firms in major cities located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia

  • “We have worked with Sprout from their earliest days and have recently committed to their Cloud solution. They are responsive and conscientious and provide a great service to members and staff alike. The account management team works hard to keep us informed and deals with any queries quickly and effectively. Highly recommended.” 

    CEO, Leading Commercial Barristers' Chambers

  • “Sprout prepared for our migration to their hosted platform meticulously, and worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition for all users. All of the Sprout team are knowledgeable, highly responsive and a pleasure to work with. I am relieved to be working with an IT partner who views security and resilience as their number one priority.” 

    Chambers Manager, Largest Family Law Barristers' Chambers in London and UK

  • “The guys at Sprout are super, always providing an efficient and accurate ‘no nonsense’ response. No problem or question is beyond them and everything is approached with a ‘can do’ and very friendly attitude. Couldn’t recommend Sprout highly enough.” 

    Head of IT, Leading UK Law Firm with expertise in Business Crime, Commercial Litigation, Civil Fraud, Corporate Compliance and Asset Tracing & Recovery

  • “Sprout IT have taken time and effort to learn the requirements of our business and have tailored their services accordingly. Their expertise is highly valued throughout Chambers and their recommendations, based on their in-depth knowledge of our industry, are always accurate and compliant.” 

    Chambers Administrator,  Barristers' Chambers, Leading Specialist Company Law Set

  • “I have worked with Sprout IT for several years and would highly recommend them. They consistently provide an excellent service with a friendly and professional approach.” 

    Chambers Manager, Law Firm, Specialist Family Law Barristers