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A decision on the type of cloud storage chosen 


The public cloud has revolutionised the way that we store photographs, listen to music, consume television and film, and much more. More and more businesses are migrating much of the functionality that would normally exist on their internal computer systems to the cloud because of the significant cost savings and because of the ability for staff to do work remotely.


The legal sector has never really fully embraced the public cloud however because of some of its vulnerabilities and the damage that could be done to a firm if those vulnerabilities are exploited. Of particular concern to solicitors’ practices and barristers’ chambers is:


  • The lack of separation of their part of the public cloud from other users’ data,
  • The lack of control they have over the security measures deployed by the cloud provider, and
  • The difficulty in running bespoke apps and programs needed for the firm.





Legal IT Technology - Sprout IT Legal IT Specialists
Private Cloud Solution - Sprout IT Legal IT Specialists


Sprout IT are setting up, enabling, and maintaining more “private cloud” solutions for clients which address these three main problems plus other pressing issues like transfer of data outside the EU.



For many solicitors’ practices and barristers’ chambers, other the cost, scalability is key – they ability to build up or build down the resources needed as and when needed. When you need to, you can add (or take away) network capacity, storage, and servers.


Because a private cloud set-up is dedicated to one company’s needs, adding, deleting, or amending operating systems and applications is much easier. It’s much easier to add additional CPU or RAM to a private cloud – your provider supplies the physical server and then co-locates it to your existing set-up.





You also control the level of security on a private cloud – including the choice of firewalls, anti-virus software, and the ability to restrict the level of access available to certain users.


Despite benefiting from the very latest in security software, public clouds are vulnerable and, if a server or entry point is breached allowing access to some or all of your data (in addition to the data of the other companies sharing those servers), you and your clients are at risk.


On a private cloud, your information is not shared on the same physical hardware and subject to the same security as the other organisations using those servers – it’s completely separate and therefore less



Legal Cloud - Sprout IT Legal IT Specialists





Recognising the relative strengths and weaknesses of all three different versions of the cloud, SproutIT launched SproutCloud, dedicated to the UK legal sector.


With specific focus on security, strategy, process, connectivity, and compliance from a trusted market leader, your firm won’t share storage space, IP addressing, internet bandwidth, email/application servers or operating systems with another client.





SproutCloud offers:


  • Connectivity from any device at any time

  • End-to-end ISO27001 accreditation including the service provider and data centre

  • UK-based data storage and processing

  • Fully secure data centre

  • Highly secure mobile email and full mobile device management

  • Private and secure connectivity without touching the public internet directly from your office to your cloud




Legal Cloud - Sprout IT Legal IT Specialists

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