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Your covid-19 remote working hub

Welcome to our free COVID-19 remote working hub for the legal sector. 


We have collected lots of useful information to answer the most common questions that you may have around remote working during the pandemic.


Sprout IT have been supporting the legal sector for the past 14 years and we are dedicated to giving you the help and support you need.


We have  also opened a chat line to provide a fast channel to get all your questions answered by our senior technical consultants. 


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secure remote working resources

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    Tackling The Human Aspect Of Cyber Security


    As the legal industry has become increasingly digitised, it becomes even more susceptible to the threat of a debilitating data breach. Law practices are a potential goldmine for cyber criminals, with confidential client records offering rich pickings.

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    The 3 biggest cyber threats facing the legal industry


    While the root causes of today’s scams might be the same, they come cloaked in fresh guises designed to fool those wise to the scams of yesteryear. Knowing the guises makes them easier to spot and, by extension, easier to disarm. 

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    Legal Cyber Security Threat Guide


    There are hundreds of different ways in which your firm's data and its ability to do business may be compromised by cybercrime. We list the threats most pertinent to legal firms, providing case studies of previous cyberattacks on real firms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    •  How do I facilitate remote working for our users whilst maintaining security?
    •  What is MFA?
    •  Can I use my own home wifi as internet?
    •  Can I use a personal computer at home?
    •  Can you recommend secure video conferencing platforms?
    •  How can I ensure our users are actually working securely, 
    •  How do we best work in line with the courts?

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    GDPR &
    data protection

    • Do we still need to report breaches during the pandemic?
    • I have lot’s of data stored in different places, is this okay?
    •  Are Dropbox and Zoom safe?
    • Is there anywhere we can get any training on this?
    • I don’t know if I am working compliantly with GDPR, how do I find out?
    • Should I be printing documents at home?

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    connectivity &

    •  How can we improve or update our current remote access solution?
    • Our infrastructure is dated and doesn’t support the latest applications - what do we do? 
    •  How can we best integrate new solutions to old systems?
    • Our connectivity is limiting users’ access, how can we improve availability?
    •  What is the most secure way of staying connected?


More useful remote working content

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Useful Links


We've collected a few useful links for you to support to support your data protection and cyber security focus during this period:



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