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GDPR & Email Data Security - Data protection and management in email communication
BY Anna Adamovics

Do you have questions about GDPR? Watch our informative seminar. 


Do you know how to protect your personal or corporate data and manage your email communication in line with the new Data Protection Law?


If you still have questions, you are not alone. Sprout IT has joined forces with email and data security experts Mimecast to answer all your questions on GDPR, and provide guidance on making email GDPR-ready.


Seminar Agenda

  • GDPR - Quick facts 
  • The data protection law overview and its relevance for the legal sector - Sprout IT
  • GDPR and what it means for email - Mimecast
  • GDPR Q&A - The GDPR expert answers all your data protection questions


  • Matt Torrens - Managing Director, Sprout IT
  • Dan Sloshberg, Product Marketing Director, Mimecast
  • Q&A - Ian Bernhardt - Head of Governance and Compliance, Sprout IT

Watch the video of the GDPR presentation by Sprout IT's Managing Director, Matt Torrens and Mimecast's Product Marketing Director, Dan Sloshberg. You can access Matt's presentation here and Dan's from here


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