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      How technology aids productivity
      BY Anna Adamovics

      What is it like to work for your legal firm? What do people feel, what do they see, and what do they encounter as a partner or as an employee?


      It’s certainly different to 20 years ago and the primary force behind this change is millennials, according to Mahin Samadani at McKinsey.




      “What employees seek most from their jobs is meaningful work, flexibility and autonomy, and connection and mentoring. The war for talent will be won or lost based upon employee experience…Employers must re-imagine every aspect of work – from recruitment and job evaluations to collaboration, perks, and the workplace itself.”


      The push to provide a modern employee experience enjoyed and engaged with by your staff takes on a higher level of importance with the appearance on online professional networking sites like Fortune, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn where current and former employees will share their opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of working for you.


      Technology will undoubtably play a pivotal role in the re-imaging of the workplace – we’ve seen a lot of change in the legal sector because of technology in the last decade. And it’s the tailoring of technology that will provide your legal sector with the competitive advantage it needs in its recruitment as you can deploy that technology in creating great experiences for employees no matter what their role or their working preferences.



      Quick access to information, programs, and apps

      The technology we use in business and in our personal lives are now driven by the user experience. In the past software was primarily (and understandably) driven around functionality to the detriment of productivity through ease of deployment and use. As long as it did what it was meant to do, no matter how hard it was to get from point A to point B, that’s all that mattered.


      Arguably with the advent of the iPhone, user experience has become key to productivity because, as a species, we have become far less tolerant of inefficiency and unnecessary complexity to complete the tasks we have in front of us.


      A new breed of solutions intentionally conceal complexity, instead presenting easy-to-use and easily accessible tools for productivity. The solutions work across all platforms whether belonging to the company or belonging to the individual (important for firms with a “bring your own device” policy.)


      The tasks that your staff perform may be enjoyable to them professionally and personally however some of that satisfaction will be diminished by how long it takes to get something done. Now, employees expect to be able to access their files, folders, apps, programs, and desktops via one source using a secure username, password, and domain.



      Streamlined workflows

      Reduction in complexity gives more time and more brain space for creativity, essential for exceptional performance in any legal role. The employee experience will be greatly enhanced by providing them with workspace tools with facilitate productivity and reduce reliance on process.


      Instead of requiring 10 steps to complete a task, what could be achieved if it only required three or four?



      Engage and interact with staff

      The easier it is to get work done, the more time there is to collaborate with colleagues and other stakeholders on tasks which add real value to your firm, satisfaction to your employees, and enhanced delivery for clients.


      Modern internal communication systems make interaction with each other easier and they make the separation required to create new common tasks amongst selected users easier. Better still, the progress to the current point is recorded through the exchange of messages and documents – this enhanced visibility makes it easier for colleagues and managers to understand progress on an assignment, making necessary course corrections where possible.



      Build in security to your system

      The potential consequences of a security breach for a legal firm are not only the possibility of a substantial fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office but also significant reputational damage leading to a profound and catastrophic loss of confidence among clients and other stakeholders.


      Employees are under enough pressure to perform, even in firms where employee experience is given priority. Security is a necessity however, implemented wrongly, they can cause confusion to less technically-literate or organised employees so, in our opinion, the onus it to keep security as “behind the scenes” as possible. That’s when a digital workspace can be particularly effective – it records and analyses individual employee’s behaviour to take automatic action when it thinks that one of your staff members is doing something that may put the firm’s wider security at risk.



      Fully digital workplaces

      How your staff interact with your IT systems and networks is only one part of providing an enhanced employee experience. However, given the intense competition for top talent acquisition and retention, it’s an area many legal firms are enquiring about now through Sprout IT.


      To speak with one of our team about solutions including to improve your employee experience and positively impact both quality of delivery on increased quantities of work, call us today on 020 7036 8530 or get in touch here.


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