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Sprout Sessions - The Secure Workspace
BY Anna Adamovics

Sprout IT teamed up with Citrix to  offer a cyber secure remote working solution to the UK legal industry. Watch the recording of the event at Middle Temple, London, on the 15th November. 





Data security incidents reported to the ICO have risen significantly above average  by 112% in two years, with the justice sector up 128%.


- Where is your data?

- Who has access to it?

- Who accessed it last?


The Legal market is shifting away from traditional desktops and into cloud services. Without the right tools in place, you can easily lose control, insight, and governance over your data…….and who is accessing it.


- How can you assure your clients that their data is being delivered securely to users?

- How do you deliver everything you need, through a single App, on any device?


Learn how a secure digital workspace helps you take back control, simplify and secure IT.


Download the presentations:

Watch the recording of the morning seminar: 


Sprout Sessions - Sprout IT Events

Sprout Sessions - Sprout IT Events

Sprout Sessions - Sprout IT Events

Sprout Sessions - Sprout IT Events

Sprout Sessions - Sprout IT Events

Sprout Sessions - Sprout IT Events

Sprout Sessions - Sprout IT Events

Cyber Security citrix sprout sessions cyber resilience breakfast seminar