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  • May 13, 2019 4:53:14 PM

    Cloud security basics for law firms and barrister's chambers

      The legal system, traditionally seen as a sector that is slow to adapt to change, has embraced technology and the cloud, particularly in the last ...

  • Aug 15, 2018 11:04:00 AM

    GDPR and the Cloud

    Solicitors’ practices and barristers’ chambers moving their information to the cloud have a choice, the most popular two of which are the public ...

  • Jul 18, 2018 11:10:00 AM

    What is Cloud Technology? Everything You Need to Know

    It seems like saying “the cloud” is becoming more and more of an umbrella term that many people bandy about haphazardly without really knowing what ...

  • Mar 19, 2018 11:39:00 AM

    Cloud provider checklist

     You’ve probably come across names like Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google in your quest to find a cloud provider for your organisation. They’re ...

  • Jan 25, 2018 3:43:17 PM

    6 Top Tips When Using Cloud Storage

    With the rising popularity of cloud storage, and its ever-increasing versatility, it’s no surprise that companies have jumped on the cloud bandwagon. ...

  • Dec 21, 2017 9:48:49 AM

    Benefits of a private cloud

    You may already be aware of the whirlwind of change that cloud computing has brought to businesses across the globe. With increased flexibility, vast ...