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      Sprout academy - Your free work from home study platform
      BY SproutIT

      At Sprout IT we’ve always prided ourselves on providing ongoing help and business support for our clients and their staff, and in these uncertain times we remain committed to doing just that.


      More and more people are going to be working from home as organisations gear up to do whatever they can to minimise the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Communication will be key, not only with your colleagues, customers and suppliers but with your family and friends too.


      Things that we would’ve normally taken for granted, such as technical support when setting up ‘Online Meetings’ etc. will inevitably be limited, and so for us it’s all about helping you and giving your people the Skills and Support they need, not to mention the Confidence and on-going sense of Fulfilment they’ll need, whilst working from home.


      Sprout Academy Bitesize Video

      In order to help you right now, we’ve created a special selection of 3 minute Sprout Academy course videos that may be useful right now:

      • Remote Working
      • Microsoft Teams
      • Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks in Office 365 or Gmail
      • Mental Health & Wellbeing for Remote Workers
      • Cyber Security

      All this content will be available to ALL of your employees for free of charge for the next 6 months. 




      By providing you and your people with the support and skills they need at this challenging time we hope that between us we’ll all be doing our bit to help get the UK's legal system keep going. 


      To speak with one of our team about continually improving the data protection regulation within your solicitors’ practice or barristers’ chambers, please call Sprout IT today on 020 7036 8530 or email us.


      If you need more information on home working and remote security visit our Legal Remote Working Hub



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