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Cyber Resilience and the UK legal sector


Throughout the financial year 2019/2020 we had carried out a survey of a select group of solicitors’ practices and barristers’ chambers and, in this comprehensive report, we present the results together with the latest advice from our experts on building in cyber resilience to your legal business. 
What we discovered is that Legal firms, large and small, are very attractive targets to cyber attackers for a number of different reasons, the three most important of which, according to the National Cyber Security Centre and the Law Society , are: 
  • sensitive client information,
  • access to the significant company and client funds often held by solicitors’ practices and barristers’ chambers (£731,250 of client money was lost between January and June 2019 ), and
  • the commercially confidential information they hold on corporate clients.
Download this informative white paper to find out how you can the industry if affected by cyber crime and tips to prevent it from happening to your organisation.