The very best in Private Cloud technology, tailored for the legal market

Just another cloud?

No, not all clouds are the same! Dedicated to the UK Legal Sector, the SproutCloud ® provides hosted IT services delivered with a specific focus on security and compliance… and all from a trusted market leader.


Take 2 minutes to learn how SproutCloud will increase your competitive advantage and give you peace of mind – dedicated to law firms.

Is it shared?

It’s yours! No Sprout Private Cloud customer will share storage space, IP addressing, internet bandwidth, email/application servers or operating systems with another client. Never. Ever..

Is it secure?

End-to-end ISO27001 accreditation, including service provider AND the data centre.

Fully UK based data storage and processing.

Data centre that boasts biometric entry system, 24x7x365 on-site security team, internal & external IP CCTV, strict authentication & access controls including fingerprint and retina technology.

How do we connect?

We will provide PRIVATE and SECURE connectivity, without touching the public internet, directly from your office to your Cloud.

Outside of the office, connect from any device, at any time.

99.9% guaranteed network availability.

Bells & whistles

Highly secure mobile email.

Full mobile device management.

File sharing and sync – that’s compliant and secure.

2 Factor authentication.

Mobile application delivery.

Anything you want – it’s your Cloud!