Enable your human firewall

What is it?

Sprout CyberAware is a learning program which helps to fill critical knowledge and skills gaps across all staff, enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time, to better protect their organisations’ most valuable and sensitive information and systems.

Why do I need it?

  • There is probably no more effective countermeasure, pound for pound, than a good security awareness program
  • One data breach could destroy a firm’s reputation
  • Confidently meet your compliance requirements
  • Cybercrime is the ‘new normal’ and now the most common offence in the UK
  • Technology doesn’t need to fail in order for data theft to take place
  • Human weaknesses are often far more attractive to cyber criminals, than technical ones
  • Social engineering and targeted cyber-attacks have quickly and recently become one of the biggest threats to business

30-day free trial

Our online learning modules provide your people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to adopt new behaviours designed to grow your firm’s cyber resilience.

Sprout CyberAware begins with a simple pre-assessment which allows the platform to ascertain an individual’s preferred learning style. This ranges from ‘learning by doing’ – including games, simulations, animations and videos – to more traditional eLearning.

The built-in diagnostic assessment tools allow us to identify users’ knowledge gaps whilst ensuring that annual assessments meet their needs.

Module include Phishing, Social Engineering, Online Safety, Social Media, BYOD, Password Safety, Personal Information, Information Handling, Remote & Mobile Working and Removable Media.

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