Best of breed backup solution, encompassing full disaster recovery services

Private connectivity from you, to us

Private communications from client site, to data centre – not over the public internet.  Provides the ability to restore a single server in the SproutDR Cloud, linked directly to your on-premise infrastructure.

5 minute snapshot backups on site

Have you created a document at 9am and deleted it at 9.30am? With our snapshot backups running as often as every 5 minutes, we can restore that file for you in under a minute.

Continuous Disaster Recovery replication

Your data is automatically replicated to our secure UK data centres, continuously.


Recover a completely failed server to an onsite virtual environment or alternative hardware, all in just a matter of minutes. There is no need for downtime whilst you wait for new/replacement hardware.

Disaster Recovery

Full, offsite Disaster Recovery services. If you are denied access to your building or suffer a catastrophic loss of hardware or infrastructure, we can recover your backed up servers, in the data centre, in as little as 20 minutes per server. You can connect to your recovered services remotely, and securely, from any PC.

DR offices

We can advise you on dedicated DR serviced offices, to provide a base for your staff to work from, in a DR situation, along with telephony and secure remote access to your hosted servers.


Monthly test restoration of data, databases, email and servers – a backup solution is only worth having if you are actually able to restore from it – and we test every single month.

Annual full Disaster Recovery test

A real disaster is not the time to test how good your plans are – Sprout will carry out a full DR test every year (a Lexcel requirement) to ensure the very best failover, should the worst ever happen.