Keeping you safe, without spoiling the ride

Multi Factor Authentication adds a second level of protection to accessing your company network.

The service.

SproutIT uses a leading technology in adaptive multi-factor authentication, improving enterprise security and productivity by delivering an easy to use and intelligent solution that helps ensure the safety of corporate networks and applications.

  • Offers strong protection against modern cyber threats
  • Is easy to install, manage, and scale
  • Makes security hassle-free and painless for your users
  • Keeps the total cost of ownership to a minimum while boosting productivity

Add it to your security policy.

MFA adds a second level that works in conjunction with the username and password and provides a one time code to your mobile device which then enables you to prove your identity.

Simple to use.

Simply login to your remote access, receive the one-time passcode via SMS – then type the code into your authentication page.  You’re in.

On the move.

Whitelist ‘trusted’ locations, such as your office/Chambers, but enforce MFA use to access your network from any ‘untrusted’ location (e.g. Hotel/Coffee shop).

Did you know?

Data, and reliance on its safety, is an ever growing concern and targeted attacks increased by 62% through 2014.

2FA Breaches

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