Sprout Audit - uncover IT improvements, understand risk and improve efficiency.

What is it?

An audit interrogates a potential client’s IT systems in order to identify the heaAuditlth of the current infrastructure.

It is a detailed investigation looking at servers, hardware, software, internet connection, email, firewalls & network, password policy, backups, WiFi, phones and anti-virus.

The audit is also consultative in nature, often uncovering poor business process and key user frustrations which allow us to address specific challenges and to create a solution that is tailored to the client.


Why have one?

An audit provides a summary outlining the ability of the existing technology to support the business and identifies weaknesses alongside any immediate concerns which need to be addressed.

Suitable technology can then be aligned with the strategy of the business.

Tighten up on security, use technology to your advantage and understand how you can leverage IT to save time – probably your most valuable asset.

Interrogate, collate, review and report.

It identifies an overall risk score and produces a detailed report to include:

  • Headline items
  • Base actions to address critical and important issuesRiskResolution
  • Introduction to potential strategy
  • Onsite meeting to discuss findings

Who can request one?

The audit is offered to any company within the legal market and not just Sprout clients. The report can be used in a tender process or given to your current IT supplier to help identify a strategy to scale with your business needs.