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Staff Spotlight - Mariana Ferraria
BY SproutIT

An interview with our Service Delivery Analyst who started out at Sprout as a 1st line Analyst. 

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How long have you been working with Sprout IT?

I’ve been working for Sprout since March 2017 – Almost 2 years now! Feels longer, in a good way! :)


How would you describe the brand to your mum?

We provide IT services to Lawyers and Solicitors. We provide our own services and we use the same setup that we offer. A very ambitious company that provides their staff the opportunity to grow alongside the company.


What was your first position at Sprout?

I’ve started as a 1st line Analyst on the Service Desk.


What was your first day like?

Weird, I have to say! Haha we were so few, the office was small and there was only 1 girl on my team - Robyn. But everyone gave me a very nice welcome :) The weirdest part was Dimi giving me a MAC and asked me to set it up. Madness I thought!


How has the business changed during your time?

Changed massively! We have grown from 40 to 70 people. We have implemented a lot of new processes (ITIL mainly) and our Service Desk has also grown. We have more interaction with clients and new positions that are beneficial to our growth.


What has been your funniest moment?

I had so many, from people's jokes to team building activities where we went junkyard golf! I would say my funniest of all.. My first Sprout Sports day  where we did a Pub Crawl and Dimi and Taimur were competing who was the strongest! At the same time I was thinking in changing from Service Desk (Taimur’s team) to Dimi’s team (Onsite Analysts) – what a good way of seeing who was the strongest team leader!


What has been your proudest achievement?

My most recent promotion to Service Delivery as I was able to do and pass my ITIL foundations and Service Transition courses. I really have to thank Tasha for the opportunity. I’m so happy and focused on this position. Every day is a different day! A massive change and challenge. And thanks to Dimi who always helped on my growth.


What’s in store for you and the future?

My plan was designed a couple of months after my Service Delivery promotion. Next step, next year - Service Delivery Manager - and after that, focusing on what I need, to provide Service Consultancy. A 2 year plan! In terms of personal life, travel more, study more, and stay happy as always :)


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