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Staff Spotlight - Nathan Killick
BY SproutIT


An interview with our Solutions Success Consultant who started working for Sprout 2 years ago. 


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What is it you sell?

In my eyes, I do not sell – clients invest in problem solving solutions. To answer the question, SproutIT partner with internal IT teams, Senior Leadership and Compliance professionals to achieve objectives, mitigate risk, optimise the billable hour for fee earners and essentially – let lawyers do law. The products and services come last, it’s the problem solving that drives conversations! Any products and services we provide are part of a much wider partnership - with the right legal and technology vendors in the market such as Citrix, Mimecast, Microsoft etc.


What do you do in a typical day?

My typical day consists of putting in my gum shield and putting on my shin pads, before going in to meetings! – Aside from that, I spend A LOT of time researching the market, how the legal sector works traditionally vs where it's heading, reviewing technology, learning about the wide variety of guidance supplied by GCHQ, the SRA, The Law Society, the Bar Council and the ICO etc – and helping clients to achieve against these requirements, as well as their own business goals. I work very closely with every team at Sprout and I also help to develop our go to market strategy.


Why do you believe in this product/service?

The key to this role is listening, not telling, and advising, not selling. To listen and advise, I need to know as much as I can, and where I may not know, I need to involve the right people to ensure no communication is misheard or even missed. I believe in the wider team, top to bottom and the experience we provide to our clients. Again, the products and services come (essentially) after all of the consultancy, problem-solving project scoping etc. Products and services change, but fundamentally, SproutIT will not, that’s what I truly believe in.


What is your sales strategy; how do you win business?

Listen, don’t tell and advise, don’t sell. I believe strongly in learning as much as I can, about the right topics for the client and helping them come to their own decision. Sometimes, that means suggesting other routes that do not involve SproutIT. If we don’t specialise in an area, then we engage with someone that does – and work closely with them to deliver on the ultimate goal – helping our clients. If we win business, it’s through true consultancy. We come highly recommended and it’s our job to ensure that never changes.


What in your role, do you struggle most with?

A challenge I find, is keeping up to date with the ever-changing technology, compliance, integrations, applications, best practices in terms of data security and data protection… the list goes on. However, it wouldn’t be enjoyable without challenge and I really do push myself to succeed where I can.


What does success at Sprout look like for you?

Quite simple really, I believe very strongly in our values of Shared Responsibility, Mutual Growth and Relentless Ambition. Our mission also, is to build relationships through trust, simplify the complex and let lawyers do law – if we are achieving these, then that is what success looks like to me.


What are you hoping to accomplish for next year in terms of sales/business/client wins?

SproutIT want to help the legal sector in a rapidly evolving and ever-changing environment, whether it be cyber security, IT support, data protection, project consultancy, IT strategy etc – we do not have hard targets, only a vision – the business growth comes naturally, as a part of that. It’s not necessarily the more clients the better; it’s more of the RIGHT clients – the better.


What do you perceive as your greatest strength and weakness?

Greatest strength – Personally I believe one of my greatest strengths is building relationships through understanding my client’s needs.

Weakness – Honestly? Knowing when to switch off! It’s important to know when to leave work, at work – I’m yet to perfect that! You may well expect an email from me post 6pm… but not too often!


What do you look for in a relationship with a prospective and a long-term client?

Honesty and trust. If you’re honest and trustworthy from day one, then there is no reason why any decision made during the relationship would be the wrong one. I also believe it’s important to manage expectations – which falls under honesty. Sometimes you will come across clients where you are just not right for each other, whatever it may be, understanding that is a true art, in my opinion.


What song/film best describes your role?

Dodgeball – especially the part where I’m dodging wrenches, in traffic! But I love it – it’s energising and I genuinely, couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!


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