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We climbed the 3 Peaks - and it was BRUTAL....
BY Matt Torrens


But it was also AMAZING......


We completely underestimated the technical difficulty, the effort and sheer bloody determination required to complete Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon - consecutively. 


 But, as my brainchild, I also underestimated just what a fantastic team building and bonding experience it would be.  We shared highs and low, we helped one another and we laughed.  A lot. In fact, we're still laughing!




EasyJet got us off to a (non) flying start, with a 6 hour delay at Stansted.  Anyone who has suffered such a delay will know that there is only one way to spend your time - in the airport pub. 


Stranded at the airport but still happy


As it transpires, this was not on the preparation guide and getting only 4 hours sleep after a few beers, before climbing Ben Nevis is not recommended!  Nevertheless, we made it to the summit in 3h 2m (a good pace), before spending slightly too long on the descent, in 25 degree heat.


Climbing Ben Nevis


Ben Nevis


Given our target 24 hour time limit, there was no time to rest and we were back on the bus for the 6 hour drive to Scafell.  Have you ever tried, changing out of the world's sweatiest clothes, on a mini-bus and retaining your dignity?  Don't bother.  It can't be done.


Arriving at Scafell, we knew we would be descending in the dark, but not before we had plastered the blisters and taken a deep breath for the climb.  Aching muscles soon gave way to laughter - until the darkness and rain came, bringing with them slipping, falls and swearing.  We took too long on Scafell and the 24 hour target was gone - but the spirit was building.  Bruised but happy, we set off for sunny Snowdon, spirits rising as we knew there was just one peak to go - easy.





Wrong.  It was hard.  Bloody hard.  Legs don't appreciate 3 mountain in a day, although the minds were willing.  But we did it.  We finished.  We bonded.  And we grew.


snowdon view


And then we debriefed.  In a lovely, gastro B&B, surrounded by Snowdonia, and beer.....and food.  And we laughed all evening, hobbling to and from the bar, reminiscing our mini adventure that will surely stay top of our minds, for many years to come.


Welsh Pride


So, if you are considering the 3 peaks, or anything like it, stop pondering and get on and do it. 


We had a bloody fantastic time, all 8 of us: Richard Broadfield, Anthony Dacres, Fiona Hamilton, Dimitar Dzhongov, Stacey McDonald, Nick Johnson, Angela McNaughton, Matt Torrens


Hat tip to Tony http://www.activusoutdoors.co.uk/ - the guy is a Driving Machine!


Thank you for all your donations, read this article to see how much we raised for our two supported charities.  

charity 3 peaks challenge 3 peaks mountainclimbing