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Where is your data? - Sprout Webinar

Location : Zoom

Date : Thursday 26 November 2020

Time : 11:00

Do you know where all of your data going in & out of your law firm/Chambers is located? Do you know how it’s being shared and in what method? And do you know who has access to your organisation’s data? 


2020 has brought on a massive change to the way UK businesses operate and while most were quick to react to new working environments and managed to get set-up quickly, the change from office to home has led to a huge increase in cyber-attacks across the UK.  


In the race to mobilise their workforce during lockdown,  businesses focussed on getting people logged on and gaining access to their usual systems. Often this was by borrowing a laptop, using public wi-fi, accessing multiple devices or sending information via a personal email account or non-approved file sharing – staff used whatever was available to them. 


Join Sprout IT and Schillings to overcome the challenges created by remote working in protecting your clients’, staff and company data. You’ll discover that by identifying where your data is located, shared and storedbaselining and utilising cyber secure services, can demonstrably reduce cyber risk. 


Key Topics: 

  • Where data should be located, shared and distributed. 
  • How you can secure your data and services to protect your staff/clients. 
  • A roadmap to securing your data.
  • How to create a security baseline while managing the rapidly changing Covid-19 era. 




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Sprout IT – Sprout IT enable law firms & barristers' chambers to achieve competitive advantage and peace of mind, through the innovative use of best-of-breed technology, focussed cyber security and resilience, award winning services, and passion for service excellence.


Schillings - Schillings is a reputation, security and privacy consultancy. It is the only business in the world to deploy - under one roof - lawyers, cyber specialists, intelligence experts, investigators, risk consultants, and top people from the military, banking and government. 




Enyo Law - We are a conflict free, disputes-only firm. Disputes are all we do. Our clients include corporations and other major businesses, States, government bodies and high net worth individuals. Our dynamic team, drawn from major international firms, has succeeded in some of the most complex and high stakes litigation and international arbitration cases. We deliver rapid and effective strategies tailored to our clients’ objectives, employing creative thinking aligned with commercial insight. Our priority is always the efficient resolution of disputes with minimal business and reputational disruption. We partner with our clients at every step of the process.


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